What is Shotcrete?

Simply said, shotcrete is sprayed concrete or mortar. In the wet mix process all the ingredients, including water, are premixed. The mix is then pumped to the nozzle where compressed air blows it into the substrate.

The shotcrete process is particularly suited for curved or sculpted surfaces.

Including swimming pools, custom sculptured waterscapes, paving slopes and complex shapes such as earth retaining walls, shotcrete provides a cost effective and environmentally enhancing alternative to traditional concrete applications. Shotcrete can also be used for strengthening and repairing existing structures.

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Traditionally, a retaining wall, whether it is designed using rock, stone, treated lumber or other materials used to be employed to stabilize soil in slopped hillsides. However, today a custom hand-carved retaining wall is an excellent choice to provide natural eye appeal to your property. You can count on Rock Carvers of Texas, as experienced artisans, to incorporate our hand-carving skills along with our masonry skills to produce a cost effective, unique quality stone look to your retaining wall or any other concrete landscape feature needed.

Retaining walls are also used to designate spaces for landscape and also provide natural seating areas that can be enhanced by a roaring fire pit or they can be added to common gathering places such as pools, spas, or BBQs.

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